DAONIL (Glibenclamide)

DAONIL Description, Presentation and Dosage

DAONIL Description

DAONIL Drug Class Description


DAONIL Drug Description

Daonil: white oblong scored tablet marked LDI with symbol. Semi-Daonil: white scored tablet marked LBG with symbol.

DAONIL Generic Name


DAONIL Presentation

DAONIL Presentation

Daonil: Glibenclamide 5 mg . Semi-Daonil: Glibenclamide 2.5 mg .

DAONIL Manufacturer



22 June 2009


DAONIL Adult Dosage

Initially 5 mg daily as single dose at breakfast increasing if necessary by 2 .5 – 5 mg at weekly intervals to maximum 15 mg daily.

DAONIL Child Dosage

Not applicable.

Drug Information Secondary

DAONIL Precautions, Reactions and Contraindications

DAONIL Special Precautions

DAONIL Special Precautions

Elderly, renal failure.

DAONIL Adverse Reactions

DAONIL Adverse Reactions

Sensitivity reactions including skin rash.

DAONIL Contraindications

DAONIL Contraindications

Juvenile, growth-onset or unstable brittle diabetes, ketoacidosis, severe renal and liver insufficiency, endocrine disorders, stress, infections, surgical procedures. Pregnancy, lactation.